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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

15 Interview Philosophies That Attract Job Offers

Separating yourself from the other competition applying for the same job/internship is important. There are numerous steps a candidate can do to stand out, including in an interview.

The Undercover Recruiter recently posted an article that provides 15 valuable interviewing tips. You can read the article at

Also, Career Development at Gwynedd Mercy University (GMercyU) can help you with interviewing strategies. We also can conduct a mock, practice interview. Contact (215-646-7300, ext: 21230 or us to schedule an appointment.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Social Media? So What?

Social Media? So What? GMercyU alum shares his thoughts.

Daniel Craig

Great: you are on social media…so what? What are your customers getting from that relationship and how are you turning likes, fans, and followers into revenue?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Griffin through and through

Heidi R. Wright

Nurse Practitioner at Montgomery County Medical Associates, Ltd.

Bachelor of Science in Biology, 1986
Master of Science in Nursing (Clinical Nurse Specialist, Adult with Gerontology), 1989
Master of Science in Nursing Post-Masters Certificate in Nurse Practitioner, 1996

“I had the great fortune to be taught by some wonderful professors at Gwynedd. One thing, among many, that continues to impress at Gwynedd is the personal attention.”

3 and counting: A Griffin through and through
Heidi was inspired to pursue nursing after reading books about the field as a child and attending her father’s services (Presbyterian Minister) at nursing homes. She quickly fell in love with the idea of working with the elderly.

After completing a hospital-based diploma nursing program, Heidi came to Gwynedd Mercy University (GMercyU) to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. A few years later she completed her Master of Science in Nursing (Clinical Nurse Specialist, Adult with Gerontology) then a Post-Masters Certificate in Nurse Practitioner.

She is currently in the Doctor of Nursing Practice program at GMercyU.

High regards for GMercyU faculty
“I had the great fortune to be taught by some wonderful professors at Gwynedd,” said Heidi. “One thing, among many, that continues to impress at Gwynedd is the personal attention. Gwynedd has always considered the working adult learner so I was lucky to be able to balance work and classes.”

Working in the field
After completing the NP program Heidi landed a position from one of her clinical rotation sites.

“I have been exceptionally fortunate in my career,” she added.  “The practice where I did my clinical rotation had a part-time opening. Within a few months it expanded into a full time job. I could not have planned it better.”

Heidi has now been working at Montgomery County Medical Associates, Ltd for almost 19 years.

2 Tips for students
“Competition is high for jobs. Word of mouth seems to be how many jobs are filled,” Heidi said. “If a job seems interesting and is only part-time, take it. It could work into full-time. It did for me and I am still there!”

“Education is a big part of keeping up with the latest trends in providing the best care for patients,” she added.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Kindness and career success

In a world where nobody seems to have time for anything, even modest ‘goods’ are meaningful. Simply, generosity is contagious. 

Read why kindness is important for business success at: 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

5 Spring Break Trips Make a World of Difference

By: Darnell Artis, Communication major
and Career Development Staff

 Alternative Spring Break (ASB), offered by Gwynedd Mercy University (GMercyU), gives students the opportunity to provide service during school breaks. This year, 38 members of GMercyU (28 students and 10 staff and faculty advisers), participated in Alternative Spring Break. 

"Students come away with with a more global feel of the idea of mercy," said Lauren DuCharme, Campus Minister for Community Service and Savannah Trip Advisor. "This trip hopefully will help them see their decisions have more of a global affect then they understand."

Kate Shellaway, Associate Director of Career Development and San Carlos Trip Advisor, echoed Lauren"The ASB trip is a good opportunity for students to participate in service and learn about a population they may never have been exposed to," said Kate.  

Additionally, Kate suggested students reflect on their experience in order to see how ASB connects to their future. Some connections may include:
  • Service can include participating in activities that are directly tied to their major and future career path. 
  • Employers and graduate schools love to see students who get involved with activities/causes outside of the classroom.
  • Students gained valuable leadership experience and skills in communication and teamwork.

Alternative Spring Break is something more students should consider at some point in their college journey. Perhaps Lauren put it best when she stated: 

“The Alternative Spring Break is about serving others and being at their Mercy. Our trip is for the students to meet other people in the circle of Mercy so they can come to better understand it.” 

Check out the photos and information below from all 2015 ASB trips. 
 Benson, VT: Worked with animals and nature at Mercy Farm an eco-spiritual center.

 Cincinnati, OH: Prepared meals for those experiencing poverty and homelessness.

 New Orleans, LA: Planned a field day for St. Alphonsus Elementary School and spent time with members of the Mercy Endeavors Senior Center.

 San Carlos, AZ: Helped teachers, nurse, and custodial staff in an elementary school located on the San Carlos Apache Reservation.

Savannah, GA: Spent time at SOURCE who accommodate those who are eligible for assisted living but wish to live independently. 

For additional information on future service opportunities during breaks contact Campus Ministry.